By: 25 May 2023

Australia has more than 800 fintech companies and a A$4b fintech industry

Austrade selects Encompass to promote global fintech collaboration

Austrade, the Australian government’s trade, investment and education promotion agency, has selected Encompass as its envoy to promote global fintech collaboration. 

The Australian agency is partnering with Investment NSW, Invest Victoria and Global Victoria to connect fintechs founded in Australia with businesses in the UK and Europe.  

Austrade is running a 10-day fintech programme as part of the promotion, which includes briefings with the UK’s Department for Business and Trade, UK regulators and representatives of the London Stock Exchange.  

During this time, Australia-based Encompass, which operates a KYC platform, will attend events, such as Money 20/20 Europe, to encourage collaboration. 

Australia has more than 800 fintech companies and a A$4b fintech industry. 

Anastasia Nishnianidze, Austrade’s trade and investment commissioner to the UK and Ireland, said: “Australia ranks 6th in the world for fintech, and it has one of the world’s most dynamic and innovative fintech ecosystems. 

“Austrade’s FinTech Program will provide valuable introductions to major European players in the fintech industry, from banks and regulators to investors.”  

Wayne Johnson, chief executive officer and co-founder of Encompass Corporation, commented: “International collaboration is essential to bolstering innovation and continuing the growth we have seen in not only fintech but throughout the technology sector, with programmes like these playing an important part.  

“With the fight against financial crime also remaining a crucial consideration across the globe, there is much to be gained from encouraging a joint approach to fostering the best in technology and data practices, as well as the pooling of expertise and skills.” 

Encompass is also part of the Data and Technology for Compliance Alliance, a coalition to strengthen the EU’s AML ecosystem.   

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Josh Poyser
Josh Poyser is an editor at FinTech Intel. He has written about fintech for several years and appeared at FinTech Connect 2023 on the 'Unlocking Success: The Art of Fintech PR' panel.