By: 30 May 2024

The programme is tailored to expedite the growth of scale-ups

Brickken joins the PwC Scale Digital Assets programme

Brickken has been selected to participate in PwC’s Scale | Digital Assets programme, a collaborative initiative with GrowthBuilders. This follows a recent expansion towards Coinbase’s L2 Network and its first institutional client in the form of a venture capital fund based in Germany, further cementing Brickken’s aim at accelerating institutional adoption. 

The PwC Scale programme is tailored to expedite the growth of scale-ups, preparing them to penetrate new markets through a rigorous 12-week curriculum that includes masterclasses and personalised mentorship from subject matter experts in the industry. Participants will emerge with an expanded network and enhanced capabilities in generating clients, strategic growth, and fundraising, focusing on mastering the nuances of expanding into diverse markets like Asia and South America.

Brickken’s inclusion in this elite programme comes at a time when the company is experiencing rapid growth, having already tokenised over $200m in assets and secured the #1 ranking by TVL in the RWA (Real-World Assets) category on the Binance Chain and #12 on Ethereum. The firm’s Digital Asset Suite, validated by leading cybersecurity experts Hacken, supports a wide array of use cases from real estate tokenisation to facilitating early-stage tech startup funding through Equity Tokens.

This is followed by a recent expansion of technological support for Institutions, Venture Capital Firms, and Family Offices looking to bring their assets into the digital economy.

The Digital Asset Suite offers streamlined asset management, Investor verifications, and real-time dividend distribution- and document reporting tools, ensuring compliance with global regulations while minimizing settlement times and costs. Such features have propelled Brickken to the forefront of the industry, earning the trust and partnership with industry giants ChainlinkCointelegraph, Avalanche, and DWF Labs.

As part of the Scale programme, Brickken will gain direct access to PwC’s extensive network of corporate decision-makers and institutional partners, opening up numerous commercial opportunities. The programme agenda is set to equip the Brickken team with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of international business expansion.

Edwin Mata, chief executive officer of Brickken, expressed his enthusiasm about the selection, stating: “Joining the PwC’s Scale programme marks a significant milestone in our journey. It not only validates our technological prowess and market impact but also sets the stage for our next phase of institutional expansion. We are excited to leverage this opportunity to enhance our offerings and forge meaningful partnerships through PwC and Growth Builders’ network.”

Image: Brickken

Robert Welbourn
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