11 August 2023

Chitua Kalio of Giesecke+Devrient on making the payments ecosystem sustainable

Chitua Kalio is the global head of client services for the ePayments division of Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), a security technology company...

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6 July 2023

Dubai-based Taranis Capital appoints new CFO

Taranis Capital, a fintech-focused investment fund, has appointed Dirk Burmann as its chief financial officer.  Burman will play a vital...

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6 June 2023

Money20/20: Bringing transition finance to life with data

As the climate crisis threat looms ever larger, the McKinsey Global Institute is counting the financial cost of the net-zero...

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2 June 2023

ekko forms board of advisers to deliver sustainable growth

Greentech ekko has formed a board of advisers to deliver sustainable growth.  The board features experts in climate change, technology...

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9 May 2023

GMEX launches greentech ZERO13

GMEX Group has launched a climate fintech, ZERO13, to create a cohesive carbon credit ecosystem.  Using AI and blockchain technology,...

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5 May 2023

New index to track gender equality in US tech companies

A new index has been launched to track the performance of technology companies in the US that are making the...

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22 April 2023

Tred calls out big banks ahead of Earth Day

Tred, a green digital bank, has taken aim at the big banks for their fossil fuel investments ahead of Earth...

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17 April 2023

IFGS 2023: Inaction is not an option in climate crisis

ESG and fintech—and how the sector can build a better tomorrow with these principles at its heart—were top of the...

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