In her new role as chief commercial officer, Lucia Hegenbartova will play an integral part in developing and executing the B2B go-to-market strategy

Dreams promotes Lucia Hegenbartova to chief commercial officer

Dreams, provider of the financial wellbeing platform that empowers millennials to pay off debt, save, invest and feel better about their money, has appointed Lucia Hegenbartova as its new chief commercial officer.

Hegenbartova will be responsible for building Dreams’s new business-to-business (B2B) unit dedicated to the acquisition and development of partnerships with some of the largest banks and financial institutions across the globe.

In her new role as chief commercial officer, Hegenbartova will play an integral part in developing and executing the B2B go-to-market strategy, overseeing all revenue-generating functions across the sales, marketing and customer success departments, and carrying out Dreams’s international expansion strategy.

Hegenbartova joined Dreams in April 2020, having occupied two other roles within the company, as country manager for Germany, and head of customer success for B2B.

In joining Dreams’s executive management team, Hegenbartova brings with her more than a decade experience of building enterprise software-as-a service companies, having been instrumental in the market launch of three other technology startups in a number of senior roles at companies such as Contiamo, CrossEngage, and commercetools.

The Dreams financial wellbeing platform is currently live as a consumer app in the Nordics, where it has achieved a 16% market share of all 20 to 39 year olds across Sweden and Norway, having helped more than 460,000 users build healthier financial habits by effectively operationalising the latest insights from cognitive and behavioural science.

In 2020, Dreams announced two strategic partnerships with banking software provider Silverlake Symmetri, and Ukrainian commercial bank Ukrsibbank (part of BNP Paribas Group), marking an expansion of the company’s business model into the B2B space, as it evolves its services as a provider of effective engagement banking solutions for financial institutions. 

Through its dedicated team of in-house scientists, Dreams leverages cognitive and behavioural science principles and insights to drive product innovation and equip users of the platform with the necessary tools and skills to be better at paying off debt, and saving and investing money.

Dreams’s methodology has enabled the company to gain an unrivalled understanding of the specific needs and wants of the modern consumer, which is what allows Dreams to excel in terms of its marketing capabilities, build highly personalised and engaging services and deliver a first-class digital user experience.

As a result, Dreams is establishing itself as the ideal partner for banks looking to engage critical new audiences, boost customer loyalty and stay relevant in the era of the challenger bank.

Hegenbartova commented: “From day one I’ve been fully on board with the company’s vision of empowering people to feel better about their money, and I’ve been really impressed with how Dreams has already flawlessly delivered on this mission by significantly, and measurably, improving the financial wellbeing of thousands of customers.”

“Through the success of our B2C product in the Nordics, we’ve been able to showcase the tangible business value that caring about customers’ wellbeing can bring to banks and other financial institutions in generating emotional engagement and attracting younger audiences.”

“With the ESG trend rapidly building more and more momentum, the need for banks to ensure their values are aligned with those of their customers is greater than ever, and I’m confident that our unique expertise and proven track record in the realms of engagement banking, sustainability and social responsibility will prove vital in helping banks future proof their digital banking offering.”

She added: “These are now really exciting times for Dreams, as the company looks to consolidate its international expansion and growth strategy, and further transform the entire industry. I’m thrilled to be able to bring this bold vision to life, and I look forward to working with some of the world’s most visionary banking partners and help them prevail at the forefront of the emerging financial wellbeing movement.”

Henrik Rosvall, chief executive officer and co-founder of Dreams, added: ”We’re really pleased to welcome Lucia as part of our executive management team, where she’ll play such an important role in our B2B strategy moving forward. Her track record of efficiently managing teams and her wealth of experience in successfully delivering go-to-market strategies for emerging B2B product categories will prove invaluable to the sustained growth of our company.”

”Having already achieved critical success in Scandinavia, where we have managed to turn the idea of saving into an effortless, fun and social activity for over 460,000 Dreams users, we’re confident that we can replicate this success in other markets. There’s no doubt that Lucia will play a vital role in expanding our global footprint and achieving our mission of helping people make better financial choices at an even greater scale.”