By: 8 June 2021

The launch represents the first product to stem from a strategic partnership between Dreams and Ukrsibbank

Dreams rolls out financial wellbeing platform at Ukrsibbank

Dreams, the provider of behavioural and engagement banking solutions for some of the world’s largest financial institutions, has launched its financial wellbeing platform in partnership with Ukrainian commercial bank Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group.

The Dreams financial wellbeing platform is now embedded into Ukrsibbank’s mobile banking app, giving its two million customers across Ukraine access to a full range of additional functionalities from which they can set and achieve money-saving goals through clever, automated saving features, in addition to nudges and hacks.

The launch represents the first product to stem from a strategic partnership between Dreams and Ukrsibbank, in which the Ukrainian bank is leveraging fintech company’s proprietary financial wellbeing technology, and behavioural science methodology. 

The integration will help Ukrsibbank to significantly revamp its digital banking offering with a more personalised and engaging user experience, which will drive customer satisfaction by boosting the financial wellbeing of its customers, and help to attract new audiences.

The Dreams platform will also provide Ukrsibbank with additional revenue streams and growth opportunities, by encouraging users to boost their personal savings, enabling the bank to significantly increase its savings under management.

Henrik Rosvall, chief executive officer and co-founder of Dreams, comments: “We’re delighted to be launching our product in Ukraine and to be helping millions of more people make better financial choices and feel better about their money.”

“With Ukraine’s large population of digitally savvy millennials, eager to engage with their digital bank, we’re confident that our financial wellbeing platform is the perfect fit to help Ukrsibbank build long-lasting loyalty to its brand, cater to the needs of new audiences and lead the way in terms of engagement banking.”

Rosvall adds: “We started Dreams with the vision of not only empowering people to feel better about their money but also of changing how an entire generation of people interact with financial services. By embedding our financial wellbeing platform into Ukrsibbank’s mobile banking app, we are on track to bringing this bold vision to light and achieving our mission on an even greater scale, whilst helping our partner bank to future proof its digital banking offering.”

Konstantin Lezhnin, head of retail and small- and medium-sized enterprises at Ukrsibbank, comments: “This partnership with Dreams marks a really important step in our mission of guiding our customers towards responsible consumption and sustainable personal finance management. Beyond providing our customers with a rich user experience enabling them to better understand and improve their financial wellbeing, the Dreams platform will allow us to create new dimensions of customer engagement and drive additional revenue and growth opportunities.”

“We’ve been really impressed with how Dreams has managed to leverage behavioural science insights to drive product innovation and achieve such a high market share in the Nordics. With such a solid track record in Sweden and Norway, we believe that Dreams’ scientific approach and unique methodology, combined with our customer-centric and user-focused outlook, provides a great formula for success, and will help millions of Ukrainians take control of their own finances and dreams.”

Image: Shutterstock