By: 20 April 2022

Entrepreneurs experience myriad challenges when it comes to raising capital to fuel their growth, especially at the early stages of their business, and that’s where UK FinTech Awards sponsor Fundsquire comes into play

Fundsquire’s non-dilutive R&D and Grant funding

Entrepreneurs experience myriad challenges when it comes to raising capital to fuel their growth, especially at the early stages of their business, and that’s where Fundsquire comes into play.

Fundsquire, a global scaleup, based out of the UK, Australia and Canada, provides frictionless capital to game-changing companies around the world. It offers startups and scaleups an important alternative to selling equity, by providing fast-growing businesses access to growth capital that they may not otherwise have, affordably and quickly. The goal is to make non-dilutive, strategic funding as straightforward, frictionless, and personalised as possible for innovative businesses across the UK. 

Fundsquire offers businesses a range of non-dilutive funding solutions for companies at all stages of growth. This includes R&D Advance funding, Grant Advance funding and Revenue Advance funding.

The R&D Advance funding solution allows companies to use their future R&D tax credit refund as collateral for accessing growth capital, months in advance.

The Grant Advance funding solution allows companies to leverage their government grant programmes to access their future, eligible grant capital in advance.

Last but not least, the Revenue Advance funding allows businesses to access up to four months of their average monthly revenue to conduct activities that further grow their revenue.

To enable seamless funding, Fundsquire has heavily invested in building its technology platform to complement its lending framework. This platform is fully integrated with banking and accounting platforms and allows Fundsquire’s process to leverage technology to de-risk lending and helps customers access a simple, easy platform to get funding, in as little as five days, allowing them to be one of the fastest lenders on the market.

Fundsquire also brings an expansive community of partners across the globe—ranging from advisers to investors—to give their clients a broad toolbox of connections and perks to take their business to the next level. This approach to integrated services offers not just a wealth of resources to their clients, but also early engagement opportunities for partners and clients both.

Fundsquire is invested in helping grow the UK fintech community. This includes sponsoring the UK FinTech Awards, ecosystem partnerships and providing easy and quick non-dilutive funding to help businesses access funds while protecting their equity. Non-dilutive funding can help fintechs accelerate their next move.

Many businesses utilise the funding to reinvest back into their R&D tax credit claim at the end of the year. This results in customers being able to keep up with operational costs, control their R&D timelines, accelerate their next move and make strategic investment decisions. Fundsquire’s funding also allows the startup to plan its cash flow accordingly, and race past the competition in technology and marketing investment, allowing for better products and genuine innovation.

Since 2017, Fundsquire has funded more than 200 companies globally, with over £37 million in growth capital, and is excited to continue playing an important part in bringing innovative ideas to the forefront. Fundsquire’s goal is to empower businesses to innovate, scale, and reach their potential.

Image: Fundsquire