By: 5 June 2023

Money20/20 Europe attendee Caio Costa, managing director of PagSeguro, on opening the Latin American market to the world, with its local payment solutions

Money20/20: Caio Costa, PagSeguro

Ahead of Money20/20 Europe, FinTech Intel spoke with Caio Costa, managing director of PagSeguro, which us attending the event, to hear how the payment solutions provider is connecting worldwide merchants to Latin America.  

Can you tell me about PagSeguro? 

We’re a Brazil-based company that provides local payment solutions for businesses from anywhere in the world to sell their digital products to Latin American countries. 

Our solutions cover more than 140 local payment methods and local currencies in 17 Latin American countries, plus Portugal, Spain and Turkey. 

We also provide instant single or mass cross-border payouts to Brazil, enabling merchants to better reach their service providers, local partners, and even social media and gaming users in Brazil. 

What solution does it solve in Brazil and South America?  

Offering local payment methods and local currencies to Brazil and other Latin American markets would traditionally require a lot of bureaucracy, huge time and financial costs, and many processes and personnel in order to define and implement what actually works for each country. 

Merchants can leave all that to us. From Pix in Brazil to PSE in Colombia, and different local card brands to cash-based payments, we allow merchants to offer the preferred methods of each country, with transparent rates, reliable processing, smart fraud prevention and more. All their payment needs for Latin America. 

How does it help companies enter the LATAM market?  

Latin America is a very fragmented region, with major opportunities for cross-border merchants, highly engaged and digitised consumers, but also unstable economics and a lot of inequality.  

With our expertise, we help companies navigate these challenges and better tailor their strategies to reach Latin American consumers, which fundamentally includes our core business—local payments. 

How does it help businesses in South America?  

We offer the most complete payments coverage for 17 Latin American countries, so companies can easily access not only the region’s giants, Brazil and Mexico, but several other countries as well with only one solution. 

What brings you to Money 20/20 Europe? 

Money 20/20 Europe is the most important event of the year for us, where we always make sure to bring our best experts and our newest releases.  

This year we’re releasing our latest whitepaper, The Payment Habits of Latin American Gamers, where we detail the habits and preferences of consumers in Brazil.  

It’s also an opportunity to catch up with other teams and companies, to get a sense of where the industry is going, the main challenges on everyone’s mind and spread the word on the importance of local payments and Latin American opportunities. 

What are you looking forward to the most at the event? 

I’m really excited to see what everyone will think about our new whitepaper. Online gaming is a huge segment in Latin America, with great opportunities for cross-border merchants to tap into.

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Image: PagSeguro 

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