By: 3 April 2020

The digital bank developed Monzo Business for web after it became

Monzo Business now accessible via the web

London-headquartered Monzo has made its business platform accessible via the web on desktop and laptop devices, in response to customer requests for alternatives to mobile.

The digital bank developed Monzo Business for web after it became “one of our most requested features”, according to product manager Monique Pattison.

She said: “It can be incredibly handy to do all your banking from your mobile phone. But after speaking to hundreds of business owners, we quickly realised certain tasks work better on a bigger screen.”

“That’s things like understanding your financial position at a glance, without having to switch between places in the app. Or setting up payments so you can copy and paste the details to be extra sure they’re correct. Also, the ability to use multiple screens means you can do tasks that form part of a bigger job all on a single device, like downloading a CSV file then uploading it into accounting software.”

Initially, Monzo Business for web will let users issue payments, export statements and view their transaction history. The first version uses the same layout as Monzo Emergency, which lets users log into a basic view of their personal account if they have lost their smartphone.

Future versions will offer bulk payments and restricted access for other users, such as accountants. A sidebar providing an account overview and a transaction filter are also in the works.

Account security for a platform originally designed for mobile use keeps those devices in mind. Monzo Business for web will require two-factor authentication, with notifications sent to a user’s smartphone, which will also serve a periodical verification system. 

Monzo Business users interested in suggesting new features and tweaks to the web version are encouraged to share their feedback via the digital bank’s community forum.

Personal account users cannot access their accounts via the web, but Monzo is working on providing desktop access in the near future. The digital bank currently has more than 3.6 million users in the UK.