By: 20 January 2020

PeoplesBank will unify key aspects of its marketing, onboarding and customer relationship management

PeoplesBank chooses Nymbus for marketing and onboarding

US community bank PeoplesBank has selected the SmartMarketing and SmartOnboarding products of financial services platform provider Nymbus to unify key aspects of its marketing, onboarding and customer relationship management.

The Massachusetts-based community bank, which has assets in excess of $2.9 billion and operates 20 branches, chose Nymbus to upgrade its marketing and onboarding efforts to obtain a holistic view and understanding of the entire customer journey.

Through SmartMarketing and SmartOnboarding, Nymbus will provide lead generation, personalised mobile and digital campaigns, onboarding and consumer relationship management.

The success of PeoplesBank has demanded greater insight into the bank’s budget effectiveness, according to president and chief executive officer Tom Senecal, “has become more challenging for our leadership team to understand”

Senecal continued: “Nymbus will integrate key aspects of our marketing, onboarding and CRM ecosystems. Together with instant end-to-end reporting that crosses business lines, we will ultimately be setup to strategically course correct future spending for even greater outcomes.”

David Mitchell, president of Nymbus, added: “Nymbus understands that growing your financial institution and providing a superior digital banking experience are top priorities. However, you are unlikely to hit these objectives without an exceptional platform in place.”

“This is where our team is hyper-focused, offering a uniquely integrated experience across the entire customer journey and available at a budget virtually every financial institution can afford.”

Nymbus had a busy 2019, with a series of go-lives and customer acquisitions announced. These included BankMD, Billinero, Pacific National Bank, Moxy Bank and Inspire Federal Credit Union.