By: 5 August 2022

Samuel Tuliebitz most recently led fintech strategy for J.P. Morgan’s international private bank

Sharegain appoints head of business development

Securities lending fintech Sharegain has hired as its new Samuel Tuliebitz as head of business development.

Tuliebitz, who most recently led fintech strategy for J.P. Morgan’s international private bank, will build on UK- and US-based Sharegain’s existing partnerships with top-tier banks and wealth managers, and drive the company’s strategic expansion plans into new markets and geographies.

Commenting on his appointment, Tuliebitz said: “I’ve had the great privilege of meeting and assessing a significant number of top fintech companies for JPM’s investment bank and private bank. Sharegain—without a doubt—was the most innovative of them all, uniquely delivering monetisable value into institutional capital markets, as well as retail wealth, which I found to be remarkable. I’m thrilled to be joining such an incredible team at this pivotal time.”

Boaz Yaari, founder and chief executive officer at Sharegain, said: “We’re delighted to have Sam on board. First and foremost, because he is a terrific person and a natural leader. And second, because Sam has a proven track record of working with, understanding, and commercialising, new technologies.”

“I have no doubt he’ll be an excellent addition to our team, as we rapidly scale-up the business, add more top tier banks and wealth managers as clients, and look ahead to our planned launch in the United States later this year.”

Image: Sharegain