By: 24 November 2022

A number of the digital payment methods are being used in Qatar for the first time, according to Visa 👇

Visa brings novel digital payments solutions to World Cup

Visa has set up a payments network that will enable contactless purchases throughout all official venues at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, including eight stadiums and the FIFA Fan Festival. 

More than 1m fans are expected to travel to Qatar for the tournament. To ensure a smooth operation, Visa has installed 5,300 contactless-enabled payment terminals at official FIFA venues. 

A number of the digital payment methods are also being used in Qatar for the first time, according to Visa. 

Visa, an official partner of FIFA, is piloting a digital card issuance solution for limited card holders in Doha that features animated card art with the World Cup mascot. 

It has also deployed facial recognition technology, in collaboration with Qatar National Bank and POP ID, to enable payments to be made at three Flat White Speciality Coffee branches without a physical card or mobile phone. 

Meanwhile, small businesses can accept payments via Android smartphones and the Visa Tap to Phone app. 

Finally, thanks to a partnership that Visa has set up with Qatar’s Ministry of Transport, fans will be able to make contactless payments in taxis using their Visa card or smartphone. 

Dr Saeeda Jaffar, senior vice president and group country manager for the Gulf Cooperation Council at Visa, said: “With thousands of contactless payment terminals, FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 promises to be the most payment-enabled FIFA tournament ever for the more than one million fans coming to enjoy the magic of football.” 

At the FIFA Fan Festival, Visa unveiled Masters of Movement, an interactive pitch where fans can create digital art with their movements, which can be minted into their own NFTs. 

Jaffar added: “Visa wants to give football fans from around the world the best way to pay in Qatar, while experiencing exciting new innovations such as the fusion of art, football and technology at Visa’s Masters of Movement venue.”  

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