By: 26 June 2024

The new integration offers alternative investment managers the confidence and control to supercharge investment research

BlueFlame AI integrates with Encore Compliance

BlueFlame AI, the generative AI platform for alternative investment managers, has announced its integration with Encore Compliance, a global leader in compliance software solutions.  The integration seamlessly incorporates Encore’s Generative AI expert call surveillance technology into BlueFlame’s AI platform, empowering alternative investment managers to transform deal management workflows and critical investment research compliance.  

Mutual clients can now review expert network calls with a new level of speed, precision and control and generate AI-driven insights and analysis to drive investment strategies. Encore’s technology creates an AI-generated summary of every expert network call that is meticulously reviewed and made available alongside the original call, eliminating the need for manual notetaking. Customers can design custom compliance checks and create compliance-reviewed transcripts that are fed into BlueFlame’s platform, which aggregates views across dozens of documents at a time and quickly extracts key data points.

Raj Bakhru, chief executive officer and co-founder of BlueFlame AI, said: “Today’s investment research teams are inundated with PDFs and unstructured content including expert network call transcripts, and struggle to quickly and compliantly access and aggregate that data. By integrating with Encore and tapping into their engine, we can help customers accelerate their research work and improve productivity, efficiency and output while proactively ensuring compliance.”

Encore is built on a foundation of more than 30,000 expert call transcripts and enriched with insights from seasoned compliance professionals and former regulators. It identifies potential Material Non-Public Information (MNPI) and other insider trading risks to empower compliance officers with sophisticated, customizable tools tailored to their firm’s unique risk profile.

Scott DePetris, co-Founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Encore, said: “As regulators increasingly scrutinize how firms manage and prevent insider trading, consistent and dependable compliance oversight has never been more critical. We’re proud to empower our clients to build a compliant, proprietary Expert Transcript Library and offer them the ability to make those compliant transcripts available in the BlueFlame platform to give customers a new level of automation and confidence in their compliance activities that will ultimately elevate their investment research and outcomes.”

Images: BlueFlame, Encore Compliance

Robert Welbourn
Robert Welbourn is an experienced financial writer. He has worked for a number of high street banks and trading platforms. He's also a published author and freelance writer and editor.