5 March 2024

Does Africa need a climate-centric financial architecture?

At the recent COP28 climate summit in Dubai, African financial and political leaders spoke extensively about the role of finance in...

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27 February 2024

Web3: Love it or hate it, here’s why you can’t escape it

A decade on from its inception, Web3 is gradually moving to the mainstream. While it's been criticised for being "not as decentralised" as...

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20 February 2024

Digital dynamics: Transforming client engagement in finance

The finance sector, particularly wealth management, is experiencing a pivotal transformation driven by digital innovation. Rooted in personal relationships and...

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15 February 2024

Using tech to short-circuit the real estate investment value chain

The investment value chain has long been cluttered with intermediaries, dampening returns for investors and fostering inefficiencies and opacity within...

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13 February 2024

Smart data: Building a post-Brexit success story for Britain

The UK is at an important crossroads. Almost six years ago, open banking launched in the UK. This headstart enabled...

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6 February 2024

Blockchain in 2024: The year of institutional adoption

Last year it was more important than ever to distinguish crypto from the technology that powers it. Although 2023 was...

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30 January 2024

Cross-border solutions: Impactful trends for 2024

Convergence between retail and business payment systems  In 2024, expect a convergence between the convenience of personal finance and corporate...

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23 January 2024

Fintech Trends for 2024: What’s ahead for the FinTech Sector?

The financial services sector continues to move in the direction of fintech. Revenues in the fintech sector are projected to...

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