20 April 2022

Fundsquire’s non-dilutive R&D and Grant funding

Entrepreneurs experience myriad challenges when it comes to raising capital to fuel their growth, especially at the early stages of...

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18 February 2022

Regional regulatory spotlight: Financial services and third-party risk

[caption id="attachment_1742" align="alignleft" width="150"] Wayne ScottRegulatory Compliance Solutions SpecialistNCC Group Software Resilience[/caption] In the midst of rapid digital transformation in...

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3 December 2021

The Danish cross-border opportunity

With high internet penetration, booming ecommerce, a population of high-spenders and a heavy reliance on imports, Denmark could well be one of the most...

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3 September 2021

A world without borders for marketplace merchants

The world of online trading is maturing, but it is still feeling the pain points of a rapidly growing and evolving...

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27 August 2021

Corporates join the real-time payments revolution

Instant payments both locally and cross-border have become so normalised for retail customers that they would simply go elsewhere if...

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20 August 2021

Working together for better cross-border banking

Banks and fintechs can gain significant cost saving and efficiency benefits, and remain more competitive, through collaboration within the financial...

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18 May 2021

Singapore’s regtech grant a ‘boost for crypto and digital payment service providers’

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced on 30 April that it will provide S$42 million (US$31.5 million) through a...

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12 April 2021

Bringing about new compliance for the new normal, with AI and machine learning

Compliance is generally thought of as a necessary burden, not a business benefit capable of vastly improving efficiency. However, applying...

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