By: 18 June 2024

This regulatory sandbox fosters a secure and reliable environment where blockchain technology providers and regulators can collaborate

Brickken to participate in European Blockchain Regulatory Sandbox

Brickken, a Barcelona-based startup pioneering in the tokenisation of real-world assets, has announced its selection to participate in the European Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) Regulatory Sandbox. This regulatory sandbox will provide legal certainty for decentralised technological solutions, including blockchain, by identifying deployment obstacles from a legal and regulatory perspective. Additionally, it will offer legal advice, regulatory expertise, and guidance in a secure and confidential environment.

The news comes following Brickken joining the PwC Scale Digital Assets programme last month.

The DLT programme, driven by the European Commission, will enable regulators and supervisors to enhance their understanding of the latest blockchain technologies and share best practices through ongoing dialogue between public institutions and private entities such as Brickken. 

With its inclusion in the European Regulatory Sandbox, Brickken will be able to develop and optimise its solutions within a secure environment, boosting its acceptance among institutional clients, market operators, and bond issuers, thereby facilitating its entry into new markets. Brickken aims to become a strategic ally for various capital market players, maximising their operational efficiency and fostering technological synergy in digital asset management. 

Edwin Mata, chief executive officer and co-founder of Brickken, expressed his enthusiasm about the selection, stating: “This opportunity validates our innovative approach to asset tokenisation and also allows us to collaborate with regulators and other industry leaders to build a stronger and more reliable blockchain ecosystem. The experience and knowledge we gain in this regulatory sandbox will be invaluable for our future growth and success.” 

Brickken’s inclusion in this sandbox represents another milestone in its mission to revolutionise the tokenisation industry. Just one week ago, the startup announced its selection for the Scale programme for tokenisation and digital assets by the international consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), marking another step towards the adoption of blockchain by institutional clients, banks, and capital markets. Furthermore, the company has secured partnerships with industry giants such as Psalion and Chainlink, the world’s leading real-world asset tokenisation technology, used by global financial institutions. 

Brickken and Coinbase will combine their expertise to advance best practices for infrastructure and market structure powering the tokenisation of real-world assets. Brickken brings their know-how in tokenisation and technology, and will build solutions on infrastructure supported by Coinbase such as Wallet and Base. 

Founded in Barcelona in 2020 by Edwin Mata, Yassir Haouati, Bram Duindam, and Dario Lo Buglio, Brickken is experiencing rapid growth. It is now active in over 14 countries, has tokenised more than 200 million euro in assets, boasts over 50 clients, and has seen a growth rate of over 100% compared to the previous year. The company is now addressing new verticals that are open to the solutions offered by Brickken. 

This company’s digital asset platform specialises in the tokenisation of financial instruments like equity and debt, regardless of the company’s size, asset type, or jurisdiction. It provides robust technological support for anyone looking to enter the market without the need to develop their technology, as they can rely on Brickken’s infrastructure, which offers a frictionless entry. This enables them to serve a wide range of sectors, including real estate, startups, institutions, venture capital funds, and Family Offices, allowing them to efficiently digitise and manage their assets.

Image: Brickken

Robert Welbourn
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